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- Gaby Natale





The GeoLINK team consists of industry professionals with experience in software development, project development, civil engineering, GIS, and data management utilizing advanced civil and geospatial technologies. The company, located in the southern part of Macedonia is kind of a breed in its field and on the local market, as well. Employing advanced tools, but backed up by the skillful and wealthy knowledgeable staff, we develop specific solutions and distribute a wide range of engineering products from the most significant geoengineering software technology vendors to the Macedonian market.

The company mission is to be leading and recognized market provider of high-end geospatial services and solutions and a decent partner in your day-to-day engineering work, offering you expert counseling, training, advice and support to your businesses, from the very beginning until the end of the projects. Our knowledge and industry expertise cover governmental, municipal, utility and infrastructure organizations need. The company has well established an internal system of quality control, providing a good foundation for outsourcing of our expert services worldwide.



GeoLINKs extensive experience in project development has given us the insight required to offer industry leading services that minimize risk and reduce development costs. Our comprehensive approach to projects adds value by supporting all our clients objectives as they navigate through complex development schedules.


Our track record speaks for itself. The GeoLINK team has signed dozens of mid-sized projects (up to 50K euros), couple of large-sized (100K+ euros) and a numerous smaller projects, from digitizing the largest gas distribution network in the country, supplying the largest municipal cities in the country with high quality orthorectified satellite images, creating the city cemetery cadastre utilizing drone taken aerial images, to counseling to apply advanced laser scanner technologies in open pit coal mines for supervision of the daily excavated quantities.


We know from first-hand experience that the circumstances and needs of a project can change at any moment. The GeoLINK development team is deployable across Macedonia and we employ one of the strongest Geospatial teams focused on infrastructure development in Macedonia. Our team is flexible and ready to adjust as required to support our clients as they move through various shifting project priorities.


The GeoLINK team strives for continuous innovation by investigating all processes for efficiencies, creating and employing new technologies, and incorporating the evolving expectations of our clients and communities in all our services. Examples include our Web-Based GIS platform and Customer Relationship Management software that is updated in real-time, and our contemporary methodologies used in sales and marketing, utilizing versatile software technology and services.

Effective project planning and execution requires knowledge, communication, strategy, and experience. Take a look at the process we follow to ensure high-quality results and value for our clients.